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Simple Guide to Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure or have other medical reasons for needing to monitor your blood pressure at home, don’t worry– it’s not difficult. As you relax and prepare to record your blood pressure levels, this guide will help you learn tips to monitor your own blood pressure. If you have any problems or […]

4 Ways to Incorporate Aromatherapy in Your Office

Life is stressful. Why not allow yourself to relax and reassess at work while inhaling cleansing scents? Aromatherapy is a great way to lessen stress levels, help you think with more clarity and smell things that are pleasing to the brain. If you’re thinking about improving morale in your office, aromatherapy is one of the […]

5 Reasons to Start Your Day with Yoga

Your alarm is beeping and it feels way too early. All you want to do is crawl back in to bed or go make yourself a giant cup of coffee. But, what if you took that time to roll out your mat and do some yoga practice instead? Mornings can be hectic and busy, but […]

5 Fantastic Recipes for Your Salt Shot Glass

Salt shot glasses are a delicious way to enjoy your favorite drinks without having to add any extra salt. The glasses are made of a hardened salt that dissolves into the glass when filled with liquid. They get saltier the longer you let them sit, so make sure to chase that drink down quick! The […]