Zennery AromaShell Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser – Sand

  • Experience the healing properties of essential oils while at home or in the office
  • Creates your own paradise
  • Diffuses your favorite oils throughout the room within minutes
  • Sand color, Attractive tabletop diffuser
  • Easy to use, Easy to clean, Quiet, No water needed


Get whisked away to your ideal spa experience with the Zennery Aroma Shell Electric Aromatherapy diffuser. Apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the stainless steel dish; let the radiant scent relieve your stress as it invites you to sink into serenity. Zennery’s tabletop Aroma Shell Diffuser is your ticket to tranquility as you enjoy all the natural and healing properties of aromatherapy.

UPC: 813970020226