Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser – Sphere Shaped White Glass Bowl

  • Ideal for home, office, spa, bathroom, kids rooms, kitchen, classroom or meeting area, Refined and elegant design
  • Ultrasonic aroma diffuser, Humidifier, Ultrasonic diffuser preserves micro-particles to prolong the benefits of the essential oil
  • Creates ultra-fine and uniform aromatherapy mist, Diffuse – to add negative ions to your surroundings
  • Low energy, Bamboo base, Easy to use, Low energy, Quiet
  • White milk glass cone shaped vase, Continuous auto changing color, Auto shut off when water level is low


Our decorative Zennery Bamboo Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with a sphere shaped white glass bowl is not only a diffuser and humidifier, but also captivating from the changing soft color lights creating a beautiful and relaxing room ambiance. Uplift your mind, body and spirit with aromatherapy; diffuse your favorite essential oils or oil blends to fill your surroundings with the health benefits. There’s no chemicals because the fine mist is formed from the water and ultrasonic vibration. The negative ions created through the diffuser purifies, reduces the room’s static electricity and adds extra moisture to your skin. Bring the spa to you. Invite tranquility and beauty into your home and office.

UPC: 813970020288

Only available in Retailers