Zennery Himalayan Salt Wrought Iron Salt Basket Lamp – Bowl Shape

  • Purifies indoor air with nature’s natural ionizer
  • Handcrafted by artisans from natural Himalayan salt crystals
  • Easy to use and energy efficient
  • Enjoyable soothing glow from the natural color of the salt
  • Beautiful health conscious gift/cleans air and reduce allergies
  • Therapeutic home décor/promote one’s physical and mental well-being/reduces stress
  • Contains 84 Minerals that are essential to the body
  • Beautiful health conscious gift /Clean air and reduce allergies
  • Emanates a soothing glow


Zennery Himalayan Salt Wrought Iron Basket Lamps are not only visually stunning but provide innumerable health benefits.  They are natural negative ion generators.  Simply put, salt attracts moisture.  The interaction of humid air with the surface of the salt crystal releases negative ions.

The negative ions binds to the position ions that are created by electronic devices known as “electronic smog” (computers, television screens, telephones, microwaves, etc.). The positively charged ions lose their damaging characteristics when attracted to the negative ions. Zennery Himalayan Salt Lamps are recommended to improve your environment’s air quality, atmosphere and help promote one’s physical and mental well-being.

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