Newmed CPAP Mask Wipes

  • Newmed CPAP Mask Wipes contain only natural ingredients, Fully biodegradable and earth-friendly, Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for daily cleaning of CPAP masks, tubing and accessories, Gentle on hands and face, Safe and effective
  • Contains 62 unscented wipes in convenient canister, Contains 100% natural cleansers derived from coconut and other plant extracts, Each canister contains 62 CPAP mask wipes for regular CPAP mask cleaning and maintenance
  • Effectively cleans and deodorizes CPAP masks without the need for soaking
  • 100% natural cleansing formula that’s gentle on the skin, Alcohol-free, latex-free and 100% natural cotton wipes


Newmed CPAP Mask Wipes are 100% natural cotton, specially formulated without harmful chemicals so they are safe for you and will not harm the mask. The wipes contain 100% natural cleansers made from coconut and other plant extracts to effectively and easily remove dirt, grease, oils and residue safely. Use daily and be assured your CPAP mask will be cleaned and deodorized without the need for soaking. Newmed CPAP Mask Wipes are alcohol free, latex-free and unscented so they are extremely gentle on the skin. Also be assured, Newmed CPAP Mask Wipes are Never Tested on Animals.

UPC Information

813970020639 – 2 Pack
813970020646 – 3 Pack
813970020653 – 12 Pack

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